Using phone cards from mobile phones

According to a study by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, one in five Australians no longer have land lines or fixed line phones. Instead, these Australians solely use their mobile phone to make all their calls. Accordingly, it is not surprising that we often get asked by the users of this website whether they can use the phone cards that are listed on our website with their mobile phone. The short answer is: Yes, you can use all the phone cards listed on this website from fixed lines, mobile phones or even pay phones. As far as the phone card is concerned, the rate per minute quoted on our website for all phone cards is the same regardless if you ring from a landline, mobile phone or payphone. In fact, there is no way for the phone card to even detect if you are calling from a land line or mobile or payphone.

However, because you need to make a local call to the phone card's local access number each time to make a call with your phone card, you need to be mindful of the cost of a local call on your mobile phone's plan. Please note that the cost of the local call is paid to your phone's carrier and has nothing to do with the phone card as the cost of this call does not come off the credit on your phone card. The cost of the local call you make when using the phone card is not usually an issue when calling from a land line as local calls on land lines in Australia are not timed. A local call from land lines in Australia cost around 30 cents and you can talk for one minute or 100 hours and it will still cost you 30 cents. Most prepaid and post-paid mobile phone plans usually have unlimited local calls or a cap where you can make up to a pre-determined amount of local calls for free. If your mobile phone plan has unlimited mobile calls on it, you don't have to worry about the local call cost and you can talk as long as you like with your phone card. If mobile phone plan has a cap you just need to ensure that you don't go over your monthly cap on local calls on your mobile phone plan. Most people never go over their cap as most local caps from the main carriers in Australia are usually very generous.